A zany cover shooter that anyone can play.
The galaxy needs your help!

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About Us

Shiny Dolphin Games LLC was founded in 2016 by Kevin Dressel.

In Zap Blastum, you are a cute little alien who’s always watched on the sidelines as heroes defend the galaxy. Now, robot invaders are landing and it’s your chance for an adventure.

This is a streamlined cover shooter that aims to reduce the barrier to entry of the genre. Meticulously shooting down enemies and narrowly evading machine gun fire is an empowering emotional experience that is currently locked behind complex control schemes and expensive gamer-centric consoles. Our game eschews the cruft of the genre while preserving what makes shooters awesome to bring them to a new audience.

Tap to move, tap to shoot, tap behind a wall to hide in cover.

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Kevin Dressel

Kevin Dressel is a programmer who has previously worked at Zynga on games like CityVille, Ninja Kingdom, and Puzzle Charms. Now he’s a full time indie developer.


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