Our Games


Concept and Art Design

Feed us an idea and we’ll iterate with you through prototyping, art style exploration, and design doc creation. Shiny Dolphin can create new characters and worlds in any style, and we especially love pixel art.

Prototyping and Development

Shiny Dolphin has an extensive internal C# library we can leverage to get things done fast in Unity, and well-architected from the start. Over 10 years making games means we have experience across the board too, in C, C++, tools and scripts development, graphics, AI, and more.

Also, we think we have one of the fastest workflows out there for making 2D games in Unity.

Porting and Publishing

Shiny Dolphin has games on all major consoles, and can help with porting, performance optimization, integration with services and SDKs, achievements, save data, leaderboards, etc.


Kevin Dressel

Shiny Dolphin Games LLC was founded in 2016 by Kevin Dressel, a programmer who has previously worked at Zynga on games like CityVille, Ninja Kingdom, and Puzzle Charms. Now he’s a full time indie developer.

Company Address

Shiny Dolphin Games LLC
PO Box 501324
ATLANTA, GA, 31150